Read what our Clients have to say about our students and staff after they receive a treatment. The comments below are extracted directly from the Customer Survey Form that clients fill out before leaving. Thank you!

Client Name:  Rachel L.

Date of Service:                  5/28/14                              Service Received:  Facial

Comments:  Great Experience!  First time anyone has spoken to me about products for my skin.


Client Name:  Camilla H.

Date of Service:                6/18/14                               Service Received:  Facial

Comments:  The student was very knowledgeable and courteous.  Her bedside was appreciated and she made me feel very special.


Client Name: Nancy L.

Date of Service:                6/20/14                                Service Received:  Waxing

Comments:  She put me at ease, was very friendly and professional.  She did a very good and thorough job.


Client Name: Catherine M.

Date of Service:                2/17/14                                Service Received: Facial

Comments: Delightful experience. This was my first facial and the student did a fantastic job.


Client Name: Judith O.

Date of Service:                3/7/14                                   Service Received:  Facial

Comments:  The student did an excellent job.  She taught me a lot about my skin and was extremely well versed and capable.  BEST FACIAL EVER!


Client Name: Ellen N.

Date of Service:                3/6/14                                   Service Received: Facial

Comments:  Very professional facial, gentle and invigorating by lovely young woman with great skills and potential for success.


Client Name: Catherine L.

Date of Service:                3/4/14                                   Service Received:  Facial

Comments: The student possessed a great combination of skills – doing facials and massage.  This was a very relaxing visit.


Client Name: Rachel L.

Date of Service:                2/27/14                                Service Received: Facial

Comments: Most relaxing facial I’ve ever received.


Client Name: Mary G.

Date of Service:                8/1/14                                   Service Received: Facial

Comments: Outstanding facial and great customer service.  I have already made another appointment.


Client Name: Julie K.

Date of Service:                8/4/14                                   Service Received: Facial

Comments: Very relaxing and good touch.  Good symmetrical touch which is relaxing and comforting.  Excellent manner and communication.  She will do well with clients!


Client Name: Barby B.

Date of Service:                7/18/14                                Service Received: Facial

Comments:  The student seems very professional the way she did the facial with care.  I liked the services very much!


Client Name: Margaret S.

Date of Service:                8/11/14                                Service Received: Facial and Brow Wax

Comments:  Very friendly, between actions kept left hand in touch with my shoulder which is a lovely way to keep client relaxed and mellow.

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