CIDESCO Intro Level 1

Program Length 35 Hours
5 days –( Monday-Friday)

This 5 day program is designed to provide students with an in depth Orientation & Introduction to the CIDESCO International Beauty Therapy Diploma and Exam requirements. This course will cover: Orientation, Exam Process Review
Introduction to CIDESCO, Introduction to Special Project, Requirements & Research Paper Development, Basic Theory Review (Ingredients/Anatomy/Nutrition), Student Portal Resources and access.
This 5 day program will also prepare the CIDESCO examinees for the final written and practical exams. It will include: Review of Special Projects, Review of the Facial Exam, Review of the Body Exam, and Mock Exams with Special Projects. This program is usually scheduled 3-4 weeks prior to the Scheduled CIDESCO Exam.

Body Treatments and Massage Techniques

Program Length 30 Hours
4 days –( Monday-Friday)

This 4 day program is designed to provide students with an overview knowledge of the Theory of Body Treatments & Body Analysis and Advanced Body Massage Demonstrations & Techniques with and without machine.