Programs at Esthetic Institute Beauty School

At Esthetic Institute we offer a variety of beauty school programs in skin care, massage, makeup and nail. Our programs include Licensing programs which require state licensing, and are accredited by NACCAS and Certificate programs that do not require state licensing.

Licensing ProgramsClock HoursFull time Hours / week# of WeeksPart Time hours/week# of weeks
Esthetics6003022 weeks1638 weeks
Master Esthetics6003022 weeks1638 weeks
Wax Technician115304 weeks167 weeks
Nail Technician150n/an/a1015 weeks
Permanent Cosmetics90n/an/a7.512 weeks
Certificate ProgramsClock HoursPart Time hrs/week# weeks
Makeup Artistry40n/an/a85 weeks


*The total number of weeks includes classroom, lab & clinic. If students do not complete the program within the weeks allocated additionally charges may apply. Clinic hours per week may vary from program to program. The Certification programs are not accredited by NACCAS and are not available for Title IV financial aid. The Licensing programs are accredited by NACCAS and programs over 300 hours are available for Title IV financial aid to those who qualify.



Class Scheduling

All courses and schedules are available on a minimum class start. Classes may be cancelled, postponed or rescheduled due to class, faculty or instructor scheduling conflict, as well as in the case of insufficient enrollment. The Esthetic Institute reserves the right to make said changes without prior notice. The School offers makeup hours for students enrolled in licensure classes who would like to make up missed hours.

The school’s program offerings are consistent with its stated purpose, to provide career focused education that inspires and empowers our diverse student body to succeed in employment with confident, professional skills in the exciting, growing field of esthetics.

Curriculum & Program Outlines

All programs offered by The Esthetic Institute follow similar procedures in that the same instructional methods apply and the same grading procedures are followed for each program. Those policies are stated here and considered to be an integral part of each of the program outlines contained in this section of the catalog


The clock hour education is provided through a sequential set of learning steps which address specific tasks necessary for state board preparation, graduation and job entry level skills. Clinic equipment, implements, and products are comparable to those used in the industry. Each student will receive instruction that relates to the performance of useful, creative, and productive career oriented activities. The course is presented through comprehensive lesson plans which reflect effective educational methods. Subjects are presented by means of interactive lecture, online lecture, demonstration, cooperative learning, labs, student salon activities, and student participation. Audio-visual aids, guest speakers, field trips, projects, activities, and other related learning methods are used in the course.

All educational programs at the Esthetic Institute are taught in English.

Get Virginia License in Esthetics, Master Esthetics, Nail, Waxing, Permanent Cosmetics
Prepare for your National Massage Exam.
Certificates in Makeup Artistry, Laser Skin/Hair and CIDESCO International Diploma

4.9 out of 5 stars based on 70 customer reviews.

Della M. Avatar

I have done the research for you! You will receive the best education possible at the Esthetic Institute!

Della M.
Desiree B. Avatar

5 star rating i took both basic and master esthetics here, this school i recommend to all my family/friends/co workers because they really help you learn and do better. i will be returning here to take a future class (:

Desiree B.
Clinton C. Avatar

Esthetic Institute is the best place on earth. They not only taught me how to be a better artist but they guided me into the working world of artistry. I have only amazing things to say!! The teachers and staff are impeccable, professional and warm. Along with awesome makeup knowledge, I gained skill with my camera, editing and working on set.

Clinton C.
Gabriel F. Avatar

After my experience at Esthetic Institute I realized it was the best choice I could have done to enroll and be part of such an amazing team. Not only do they genuinely care for each and everyone of us Artist and our education they are so passionate about our training and preparation pushing us to our full potential.

Gabriel F.
Jeffrey S. Avatar

Awesome class my daughter loved it! She said she gained a lot of knowledge and confidence today. Thank you so much to all the lovely teachers at The Esthetic Institute!!

Jeffrey S.
Kyle H. Avatar

Good experience! I will never forget the teachers. I have such respect and gratitude for them, as well as admiration.

Kyle H.
Wm R. Avatar

Love love love Esthetic Institute with all there teachers, They assure that students obtain the necessary skills and knowledge to perform great work and lots of extra services and help even after graduating! Would recommend 100%

Wm R.
Vera S. Avatar

This was an amazing experience to participate in. I like that I was able to ask questions and also practice my skills on someone else other than myself. The girls were very encouraging and supportive. They also assisted with any questions I had (mine revolves around color matching). It definitely gave me a lot more confidence doing make up on other people!

Vera S.
Judy R. Avatar

The staff is great and very helpful. I enjoy coming to school and learning new things every day. The atmosphere is enjoyable to be around. Esthetic Institute makes everyone feel like family.

Judy R.
Winston F. Avatar

Esthetic Institute is the best place to get your make up certification. I received the most incredible support, encouragement and instruction you could find. They have built an incredible school with excellent instructors. Be ready to get motivated and let your creativity flow.

Winston F.
Walter H. Avatar

I have a great experienced with Esthetic Institute. It was a long day but it was so worth it! I have learned a lot of different techniques and it would be really helpful on my photography business. Thank you Esthetic Institute! You guys are awesome!

Walter H.
Natalie B. Avatar

5 star rating I took a makeup artistry class with instructor Shadi. She is an experienced makeup artist who has worked several years in the field. I learned so much thanks to her. If you are interested in makeup artistry take a class with her and you will not regret it. Not only is she friendly she is also a great teacher. She will take the time to go around and teach/correct every student. My classmates and I were extremely pleased with the whole experience.

Natalie B.
Rudina C. Avatar

5 star rating Esthetic Institute is Amazing Institute !
Very happy I took MAKEUP classes by Ms Shadi !
I really enjoyed learning experience for makeup artist! Great school - very friendly and wonderful learning skills with lovely amazing professional Teacher Ms Shadi !

Rudina C.
Genise C. Avatar

I’m currently a Master Student and the program is awesome !!Viorica is one of the best Instructors I’ve ever had !

Genise C.
Baharak A. Avatar

Baharak A.
Rebecca H. Avatar

I took all my classes and loved everyone there!!!!

Rebecca H.
Alexis K. Avatar

I just completed my masters program - this school is amazing. The instructors know what they're doing and you get a lot of practice on yourself/classmates/clients. The instructors are beyond knowledgable and help you out in any way that they can. The school is super clean and organized. I even plan on taking my CIDESCO course. My only regret is not taking my basic esthetics course here. This school is 100% worth it.

Alexis K.
Manisha K. Avatar

I completed my Basic and Masters Esthetic program at EI. I had a wonderful experience. All the instructors were very knowledgeable and excellent at teaching all ascpects of the field. They were also very nice and helpful if anyone needed extra help to understanding something. The hands on and training in the clinic was very valuable as a learning experience as it helps to prepare students for the outside world whether working on their own or joining a spa or working in a medical practice. I plan on continuing my education at EI to take the Permanent Makeup course and the prep course for the CIDESCO Diploma. I would and do suggest joining this school if you are interested in the esthetics field. It was the best decision of my life!

Manisha K.
Alexis M. Avatar

I attended school here for the Master Esthetics program. I had wonderful instructors. Made amazing friends. I plan to go back to school here later this year to attend the PMU class and CIDESCO.

Alexis M.
Lindsay M. Avatar

I absolutely loved going to school at Esthetic Institute! The instructors are amazing and I've made wonderful friendships out of it. I now am a licensed master esthetician and am making more money than I've ever made, plus I get to make my own schedule! Thank you so much Esthetic Institute! I miss all of you!

Lindsay M.
Willie T. Avatar

5 star rating I am master esthetic student at Esthetic Institute. I also studied and finishd my standard esthetics there. Esthetic Institute has given me this great opportunity to study the best esthetic skills, not only in theory but also in actual clinic environment. The administration and the instructors (love them) have great knowledge of this field and so they teach us everything in detail. They have established great relationships with employers, who come and visit often, that is how I got hired right after my esthetics was done, and it just helps prepare you so well. I am extremely happy and thankful that I have chosen Esthetic Institute.

Willie T.
Mike W. Avatar

Great experience attending this school. The teachers are so helpful to share their knowledge of real technical education and personal working experiences so you're really getting a lot out of the teachers unlike other places where it's strictly work. The staff here are so kind with the help that you need at any time, they are on top of their work.

Mike W.
Barbara W. Avatar

My experience at Esthetic Institute was an exceptional one, I have not only found the career path I have been looking for, but I also found I have become a much stronger, confident and successful woman, with the help and guidance of my instructors. I know I will excel in my career, due to the structure of teaching, theory combined with practical, as well as the immense support and encouragement from the instructors.

Barbara W.
Carmen D. Avatar

This school is top notch and has been a blessing. I am starting off on the right foot in my esthetics career and I owe it all to Esthetic Institute!

Carmen D.
Amanda K. Avatar

5 star rating I have a been a student here for three different courses to include: basic esthetic, laser class, and master esthetic class. I had enjoyed my time while being a student since I learned a great deal of skincare knowledge. One of the great benefit of the school is you get to practice on each other. My skin has never felt or looked so amazing.

We have a chance to work in the student clinic towards the later half of the problem. I would recommend anyone coming to the clinic as a paying customer to keep a few things in mind. It is a training environment. You may have to share a room with another customer (there is privacy with curtains). A student is there to learn and feedback is encouraged. Also be on time and or call if you need to cancel or reschedule.

Amanda K.
Regina C. Avatar

I attended E.I. for the Basic and Master Esthetics programs and absolutely loved both! The instructors are passionate about esthetics as well as their teaching and it really shows. If I or a classmate ever needed assistance during a hands on procedure they were always there to help or answer questions. They also assisted us with studying and study guides throughout the program whether it was just for weekly tests or preparing you for state board. I felt confident and beyond prepared when it came to the boards and I have E.I. to thank for that! If I decide to do any other programs I will definitely be doing them here!!!

Regina C.
Ariana G. Avatar

I took make up artistry with Shadia and permanent makeup with Sweta! Both of my teachers were amazing and very thorough. Shadia is an amazing makeup artist as well as a teacher. She is very helpful and made me more confident in my makeup application. Sweta made me feel at home in class, she is very sweet and kind and I enjoyed being there every day!

Ariana G.
Masuma P. Avatar

I recently completed the Basic Makeup Artistry Course taught by Shadia Nassar. The class was very effective, I learned a lot. Shadia was very patient with our group, extremely knowledgeable, and hands on with us. Shadia's years of experience in this field reflected in her teaching the class, I would highly recommend taking this class with her.

Thank you Shadia Nassar for your guidance!!!

Masuma P.
Shárron J. Avatar

It was a pleasure to take Shadia Nassar's makeup artistry course. Shadia is very talented and knowledgable about the industry. Her expertise in makeup and color composition helped me to gain a better understanding of applying makeup on different types of faces, eyes, and skin colors. Shadia's many years in the industry has allowed her to master makeup types including bridal, theatrical, and fashion makeup which she was able to display and teach all of these techniques during the course.

Thank you Shadia Nassar, you rock!

Shárron J.
Vivian W. Avatar

5 star rating This is a great beauty school to go for. I got all my licenses there. They have all different courses. The instructors are very nice, knowledgeable, and very helpful there. I love the school and the atmosphere there.

Vivian W.
Toni R. Avatar

5 star rating Great instructors! I completed the basic and masters program here. They completely prepare you for your state boards to ensure you pass with flying colors. The class schedules are convenient for those who work full time.

I researched 3 other school before deciding to sign up, and I'm so glad I did. The Esthetic Institute exceeded my expectations for education and I have been successfully employed since graduation!

Toni R.
Lori B. Avatar

5 star rating I attended the Esthetic Institute summer 2014 to obtain my Master Esthetician License. I had a wonderful experience with the wonderful instructors and the amount of hands on experience we got working with clients. This is a very supportive environment where everyone wants you to do well and succeed. I am so glad I made the choice to come here to study. I would recommend this school to everyone who is interested in becoming an esthetician.

Lori B.
Ashley R. Avatar

5 star rating This school has an excellent above standard program for the students to learn and thrive. When I decided to do my licensing I researched several institutes and once I went in for the interview, I was immediately impressed. The school is very nice and well supplied with the latest and best machines, resources and products for the students to learn. The instructors here are not only knowledgable and professional, they are also very hands on and very much engaged with you and seeing you meet your academic goals. I was so impressed that after finishing my Basic program that I was excited to sign up and complete their Masters Program as well. I also made some fantastic client based relationships. The instructors at Esthetic Institute will be there to help you obtain your career goals even after you have finished your academic. I'm extremely impressed with this Institute and am happy I made the choice to attend.

Ashley R.
Lupita F. Avatar

Lupita F.
تمارة ز. Avatar

Learn a lot about the make up thanks
Esthetic Institute 🙂

تمارة ز.
Meredith S. Avatar

Can't believe it's been more than a year now since I started on my journey to be a Master Esthetician. I couldn't be more grateful for all the amazing support and great teachers I had to get me where I am now. I miss everyone I made friends with and my great teachers. Thank you so much for getting me where I am now. I love you guy's! Have a great Christmas. 🙂

Meredith S.
Pauline G. Avatar

Pauline G.
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