Read what our Clients have to say about our students and staff after they receive a treatment. The comments below are extracted directly from the Customer Survey Form that clients fill out before leaving. Thank you!

Client Name:  Maro A.

Date of Service:                5/11/19                         Service Received:  Facial

Comments: Every time I have gone in to get a facial I feel like Im pampered, respected and my concerns treated with diligence and care. I love all the staff who go beyond the call of duty to give the best facial with all the pampering from the minute you enter their office. A very sweet young lady is prompt in greeting and offering you a drink of your choice, water, coffee, or soda or herb teas. She then takes you to the main room where you get introduced to the student and her teacher who will be giving you the facial. Each step is explained and all my questions get the attention it needs which leaves me very motivated and excited about returning back to AVI each time. If you haven’t had a facial and want one with a group of highly dedicated and well-trained staff I encourage you to give this place a call and enjoy!!!


Client Name:  Alberta R.

Date of Service:                5/03/19                         Service Received:  Facial

Comments: I have been very impressed by all the treatments options we have learned as well as the emphasis on customer service and business skills. They really care about empowering students to have long and fruitful careers.


Client Name:  Leticia B.

Date of Service:                 4/26/19                          Service Received:  Facial

Comments: Very professional facial, gentle and invigorating by lovely young woman with great skills and potential for success.


Client Name:  Sonja T.

Date of Service:                1/15/19                          Service Received:  Facial

Comments: The student seems very professional the way she did the facial with care. I liked the services very much!


Client Name:  Andres J.

Date of Service:                11/13/18                          Service Received:  Facial

Comments: It’s important for me to support local businesses and Esthetic Institute offers a professional atmosphere with a nice, bright and airy service area. Plus, I like knowing I’m helping students learn.


Client Name:  Kelsey H.

Date of Service:                  5/30/18                          Service Received:  Facial

Comments:  I purchased a LivingSocial voucher for a corrective facial and scheduled over the phone for an appointment with one of their students. They had several appointment times available within a reasonable amount of time. Upon arriving the front desk staff had me fill out some paperwork and then notified my esthetician once I was ready. I was taken back to the treatment room by Kelcie, my esthetician where she provided me with a wrap towel and a place to put my things. During the treatment she explained everything she was doing and what the products were that she was using and how they would benefit my skin. She made it a point to review my paperwork and to ask me about my concerns for my skin and even looked up the ingredients on one of the products to make sure I wouldn’t have an allergic reaction to it since I do have sensitivities. After the facial was over I was greeted with a cup of water and some suggestions of products, but was not pushed to purchase anything as I was leaving, which I love. Prices are unbeatable and their customer service was great, I am highly impressed!


Client Name:  Callie C.

Date of Service:                  5/30/18                          Service Received:  Facial

Comments:  Good Groupon price. Organized, clean and professional. The students are very polite and respectful. I people who have gotten awesome facials here, mine was mediocre ( no extraction or exfoliation). However this was probably because the technician was new. I will go back because of the price though.


Client Name:  Piper P.

Date of Service:                  2/01/18                             Service Received:  Facial & Peels

Comments:  This is a great place to go for facials and peels. I’ve been going for several years and have never had a bad experience. The school keeps your records on file and the esthetician reviews it and you skin before making a recommendation for type of peel to use for that visit. And you can’t beat the price. I try to go every six weeks because it’s so affordable. Before I found the school I would spend $150+ and now pay @&40 for the same service at EI. It is a school, so you may be doubled up in a room with a cloth separator but that has never bothered me. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. The only downside is that the master students are close to graduation so you probably will get someone new every time you go in. Overall – great bang for the buck!!


Client Name:  Natali S.

Date of Service:                  5/19/18                             Service Received:  Facial

Comments:  I’m so happy I discovered esthetic Institute through groupon. Now I’ve been here over 8 times and I’ve been working with one particular student for a few months now. Her level of knowledge with problem/acne skin has impressed me. 
As someone who has tried almost everything in the industry and visited countless dermatologists for years to treat my face, I’ve never been treated with such great attention to my skin and such a personalized action plan. She has been working to lighten my hyperpigmentation and I already see great improvement. I’ve done regular facials, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion. …
Pricing for the Esthetic Institute is wonderful, especially for this area where everything seems to be on the higher end. I’m sad to be moving from the area soon but I know that anytime I’m back in town, a trip to the esthetic Institute will be on my list!


Client Name:  Mahnaz S.

Date of Service:                  10/01/17                          Service Received:  Facial

Comments:  I had an amazing experience at the student clinic here- The front desk staff greeted me kindly and asked me to fill out a form, I waited- then I went into a room where there was another client- it wasn’t as exposed as the other student clinic I’ve been to. Michelle was the master esthetician who really examined my skin and made a decision based on my skin type, sensitivity, etc. She was super knowledgable and customized the facial to my needs. She was super thorough. She extracted my whiteheads then used the led light to help and also told me the advantages, she suggested skin care they sold there to help maintain and heal my skin. I didn’t know this place existed but I will def be back 🙂 the prices are definitely within my budget- this allows me to still pamper myself without hurting my pockets. I got compliments on my skin a day after and had no burning, purging or reaction. Thank you so much!


Client Name:  Tamara P.

Date of Service:                  6/09/17                          Service Received:  Facial

Comments:  I had an incredible facial with Greta today at EI.  I highly recommend asking for her as she really customized my facial for my current beauty needs.  I will be seeing her again!


Client Name:  Leigh I.

Date of Service:                  5/10/17                          Service Received:  Facial

Comments:  Want a facial but aren’t sure what to get?  Feel like you don’t always get the hard sell to buy products and not enough TLC?  Go to the student clinic at Esthetic Institute and have a wonderful, personal experience with lots of attention.
Up front you should know that you are getting the great discount price because the people there are training.  They have a certified teacher overseeing everything so there is nothing to worry about.  They literally do everything by the book and what should be done at every facial spa.  
You are brought to your spa bed where you change into your robe.  They will clean your face and inspect your skin.  They will discuss your cleaning regimen with you and make recommendations on the type of items to be used and the type of treatment for your skin type.  The instructor will be there for the recommendations and confirm what should be done.  Then they work through each and every step of a classic facial.
They have instructed their students on tone of voice, how to apply things with a soft touch, putting up hair and being personable.  You couldn’t ask for better trained students.  I had Kailey Cronin and she was just wonderful.  Her voice and mannerisms were calming.  The scalp massage was one of the better ones I have had and her cleaning and exfoliating was just the right combination of refreshing and relaxing.  
The spa spots are sectioned off with white lines.  The music is the standard new age and the lighting is just dimmed enough to be comfortable.  The only downside is that it is a clinic so your spa area may be right next to another one.  For this price and this amount of personal service, I’ll deal with it happily.


Client Name:  Bailey P.

Date of Service:                  9/20/16                          Service Received:  Facial

Comments: My experience at the Esthetic Institute was excellent. I’ve been attending for over a year now receiving all kinds of treatments (facials, back facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, waxing, brown& lash tinting, etc). They are students giving you treatments, but they’re well-taught and knowledgeable. The instructors are either in the room with models or outside the treatment room (for a real spa ambiance) just in case the students have any questions. I’ve never had a problem with one of my treatments. The results are great, they offer high quality treatments at reduced prices (because they’re students), and retail a product line I’ve fallen in love with. The courses they offer are taught by proficient, experienced instructors that are excited to be teaching. I highly recommend if you’re looking for professional treatments at an affordable price!


Client Name:  Marissa D.

Date of Service:                  6/25/15                           Service Received:  Facial & Peels

Comments:  I’ve been coming here for about 2 years now. This is a great place to treat yourself without spending a lot of money. They offer waxing, facials, but what I love them for is eyebrow tinting! For whatever reason, I’ve had trouble finding places that offer that service. And here it’s only $10! You can’t beat it. They do lash tinting too, which is great especially if you are going to the beach or something and would prefer to avoid that runny raccoon look
I went there yesterday and saw Paula, and I must say she does an amazing job!! She told me she’s a perfectionist and I was like, ok! I want perfect eyebrows!!
The only reason I hesitate to give 5 stars is that because it is a student clinic, the service you get can be variable. For me it has usually been pretty good and whenever they mess something up you get it for free 😀


Client Name:  Rachel L.

Date of Service:                  5/28/14                              Service Received:  Facial

Comments:  Great Experience!  First time anyone has spoken to me about products for my skin.


Client Name:  Camilla H.

Date of Service:                6/18/14                               Service Received:  Facial

Comments:  The student was very knowledgeable and courteous.  Her bedside was appreciated and she made me feel very special.


Client Name: Nancy L.

Date of Service:                6/20/14                                Service Received:  Waxing

Comments:  She put me at ease, was very friendly and professional.  She did a very good and thorough job.


Client Name: Catherine M.

Date of Service:                2/17/14                                Service Received: Facial

Comments: Delightful experience. This was my first facial and the student did a fantastic job.


Client Name: Judith O.

Date of Service:                3/7/14                                   Service Received:  Facial

Comments:  The student did an excellent job.  She taught me a lot about my skin and was extremely well versed and capable.  BEST FACIAL EVER!


Client Name: Ellen N.

Date of Service:                3/6/14                                   Service Received: Facial

Comments:  Very professional facial, gentle and invigorating by lovely young woman with great skills and potential for success.


Client Name: Catherine L.

Date of Service:                3/4/14                                   Service Received:  Facial

Comments: The student possessed a great combination of skills – doing facials and massage.  This was a very relaxing visit.


Client Name: Rachel L.

Date of Service:                2/27/14                                Service Received: Facial

Comments: Most relaxing facial I’ve ever received.


Client Name: Mary G.

Date of Service:                8/1/14                                   Service Received: Facial

Comments: Outstanding facial and great customer service.  I have already made another appointment.


Client Name: Julie K.

Date of Service:                8/4/14                                   Service Received: Facial

Comments: Very relaxing and good touch.  Good symmetrical touch which is relaxing and comforting.  Excellent manner and communication.  She will do well with clients!


Client Name: Barby B.

Date of Service:                7/18/14                                Service Received: Facial

Comments:  The student seems very professional the way she did the facial with care.  I liked the services very much!


Client Name: Margaret S.

Date of Service:                8/11/14                                Service Received: Facial and Brow Wax

Comments:  Very friendly, between actions kept left hand in touch with my shoulder which is a lovely way to keep client relaxed and mellow.